How to eat with braces

How to eat with braces

So, you have finally taken the jump and gotten the braces put on, well on your way to a much straighter teeth structure, BUT now you’re thinking; what can I eat? How can I eat it? Will it be painful? Will I have to restrict any of my eating habits?

While many start to think about the above-mentioned questions, it typically leads down a hole into further questions like; How long after getting braces can you eat solid food? How to eat popcorn with braces? Can i eat chips with braces? And so on and so forth.

These, and many more, are very common questions that are asked, when an individual gets their first braces put on. We have observed several family members go through the same sets of questions, and we have done some digging around to find the best solutions.

After much research, tried and tested tips, we found some of the answers and do-and-don’ts and will share them in this post.

Here are our top 5 tips on how to eat with braces:

1. Stay away from sticky food

Things like gummy bears, gum, caramel, and such have a much better grab on metal and will get stuck in places hard to clean. Avoiding them will allow you much easier time with your braces and allow for much better cleaning.

2. Stay away from hard food

Hard food refers to foods that are or have a hard shell or substance to break, needing the power of your jaw, and ultimately your teeth to break them. When you have braces, it becomes a fight.

A fight between the food and the metals installed on your teeth, and with very little jaw pressure, you can uninstall the braces, needing to visit the orthodontist to reinstall them. These are foods like popcorn, nuts, hard taco shells, ice, pretzels, and hard candy.

3. Try not to bite into your food with your front teeth

When you’re going to take your first bite after getting your braces, try not to bite with your front teeth, instead try to bite with your back teeth, and even better, if possible, try to cut up the food on smaller bits and chew on with back teeth.

4. Stick to softer foods

Softer foods will not only allow you to get something into your belly, but can also provide you with the proper nutrients, if made correctly, to allow you to curb and cut the hunger. The other advantage of softer food is the fact that it will not get stuck in the braces, allowing for an easier cleaning of braces and gum line.

Recommended food here could be rice, oatmeal, scrambled eggs, yoghurt, mashed potatoes, pasta, noodles.

5. Cut them up as much as you can

If and when, your about to put your teeth into something that needs biting, stop, get a fork and a knife, and start cutting. Cut as much as you can into smaller bits, small enough to be able to get to those back teeth for easier chewing and consumption.

This is a must-learn habit for those with braces, as it will help eliminate any destruction of the metal pieces of the braces and prevent unnecessary visits to the doctor’s office.

How to eat with braces conclusion

Whether your new to braces, or have had them on for a while, reading the above points will and should help eliminate certain questions that you might have regarding your braces. It is certainly not a comfortable thing to have in your mouth, and you want to make the best of it, while it lasts.

Also it is extremely important to brush and clean your teeth on a much more regular basis. We would recommend for you to read the article from Nationwide Children’s on Dental Hygiene with Braces.

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How to eat with braces

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